When more and more people are using the digital format whether in the form of mobile phones as also communication devices and computers, it is but natural to expect that they would be facing large number of cutting-edge legal issues in cyberspace.

Aims & Objectives of the Cyber law Clinic is to provide guidance and assistance to all netizens and digital users on legal challenges and issues concerning use of their computers and communication devices .

The aims and objectives of the Cyber law Clinic are as follows:

  • To create more awareness about cyber legal issues and challenges
  • To provide advice, inputs as also guidance to people on their day-to-day legal issues concerning the use of cyberspace
  • To work on research and development on cutting-edge issues and challenges in cyberspace
  • To contribute to the global debate on evolving Cyberlaw jurisprudence
  • To coordinate with other concerned stakeholders in the digital environment so as to contribute to the evolving Cyberlaw jurisprudence
  • To provide legal assistance and advice to people, who have been affected by misuse of cyberspace and connected services